Custom handcrafted log homes
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Construction Process the of Custom Handcrafted Log Home.

On this page we will tell about the construction process of the wooden house of custom handcrafted log home.


1. Here is the finished frame on the site where it was cut . Next step, the logs are marked and loaded on the truck.

2. Custom Handcrafted Logs have brought to the place of assemblage. The base to it time should be already ready

3. As though so to unload, that anything not to break!?

4. Laying of the wreath log, so called "pock". After working pock assembly log construction for this day suspended, it is a tradition.

5. Logs are placed on each other according to marks

6. Between logs we place sealer (moss)

7. Overlappings are cut on a constraction place, of the buiding by the level

8. Rafter system.

9.Roof purlin. Depending on the future material of a roof covering, purlin becomes continuous or with a gleam.

10. The roof is covered with roofing material. At this stage, the use of other roofing materials is not recommended. Roofing considered temporary.

11. We cut a hole in the wall. Cut out three - four crowns for improving ventilation at the time of settling and for possibility to get inside

12. Well? The input is ready! It is possible to get in.

On this page we have listed the basic stages of building of the house from custom handcrafted log at which performance your house becomes for you reliable and comfortable dwelling for many years. However there is still a bunch of nuances which cannot be described and which masters transfer from generation to generation.

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