Custom handcrafted log homes
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Frequently Asked Questions about Custom Log Home Building

How much does a log home cost?

The cost will depend upon many variables, such as the overall size, shape, design and the cost and quality of the finish materials for the home. One thing that will raise the cost of a log home very quickly is the roof design. More pitches, hips, valleys, trusses etc. make a home more interesting and attractive, but they also make it more expensive. Other factors that affect cost are the numbers of corners, the size and style of the logwork and overall square footage. As a rule of thumb-the simpler the design, the lower the cost will be.

Do you have floor plans?

We are a custom manufacturer, which means that each home we build is an individual creation with it's own unique character. Therefore, we do not offer a floor plan book. Our experience has shown that most people already have a general idea of what their needs and budgetary requirements are and know what style pleases them. If you do not already have an architect or designer, our in-house staff can help create a home to suit your individual needs from the very simplest of sketches.

What type of logs do you use?

We use green logs that are cut from the forest, brought to a log-home construction yard, have their bark removed and are used to build a log-home shell (handcrafted log homes), "Green" does not refer to color, but to moisture content (MC). The actual moisture content of "green" logs varies considerably with tree species (cedar, fir, spruce, pine etc.). We cut our logs in winter time with moisture content ranging from about 60% to 70%. During construction process, green logs are drying out and after setling time moisture content goes down to 20-30%. Within about four years, green logs which are part of a completed log home reach equilibrium with local conditions and have an equilibrium moisture content (EMC) of between 6% and 12%. The actual EMC varies with local climate, season and location.

What is your lead time - how long does it take?

Our schedule varies depending on the time of year and backlog. Summer is our peak building season, however, thanks to our unique facilities and climate we build year round. The size, shape and design will also influence the length of construction time. Once we begin working on your design, we tentatively put your home into our production schedule in order to meet your construction needs. It is best to allow approximately 2 to 3 months for the entire design process.

Do you send someone to put it together?

Typically, when needed, we send one craftsman (who worked on the crew that built your home) to oversee the reassembly process. This craftsman works with your contractor's crew and a local crane. The crew members required for reassembly do not need to be experienced "log dogs". They do need to be strong, healthy, able to work at heights and swing a hammer. We provide you with all the necessary tools and information required for reassembly. Reassembly will take from a couple of days to a week for most homes.

Do you ship out of Ukraine?

The majority of our homes actually stay in Ukraine, but we also may ship them elsewhere abroad. We ship all over the Europe. We contract with a private trucking firm, based in our community, to haul our homes. They charge per mile relative to the destination.

How much time do you allow for settling?

Once fabricated and assembled, log homes require 2-3 month for settle. Aftewords shell of the log home will be disassembled and the parts shipped to the building site. This allows for centralized manufacturing of the home, and relatively quick construction on site. Full-scribe-fit handcrafted log construction is a method of precisely marking where to cut each individual wall log to provide a tight fit between naturally-shaped logs along their entire length and in the corners. A high degree of craftsmanship is required for success in this method, and the resulting tight fit of naturally-shaped logs have aesthetic appeal.

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